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Here's my top 15 David Bowie songs (plus 1!), a year later, after he left us... Yes, the link only shows Lazarus, but keep listening... the rest of the songs are queued. Love you Ziggy, thank you for so much


BONUS! Lazarus: Because of how perfectly timed that song was considering everything that happened.Because it's a supremely artistic, statement: an amalgamation of the human cycle, birth and death mixed into a single song. 

15 Suffragette City: Because of the uplifting and humorous nature of the song and the lyrics of a guy having to choose between his friend and his girlfriend... Because of how the influence of The Velvet Goldmine can totally be felt here. 

14 Hello Spaceboy: Because David Bowie can sound like motherfucking Nine Inch Nails if he feels like. Because his "Industrial-Pop" is macabre, stirring, yet sexy (and kinda homo-erotic, if I'am being completely honest). Because it's also the unofficial third and final part to the Major Tom trilogy.

13 Moonage Daydream: Because Bowie needed to be convinced to be "a prostitute of the media" to succeed. Because Moonage Daydream is him accepting the cameras and the attention, but as Ziggy Stardust, as the Man who fell to earth

12 Young Americans: Because as one of the first whites to perform at the Soul Train show, Bowie knew the real soul of black music, and he always questioned the sanitation and lose of identity of that music when it became mainstream. Because Young Americans is not just a tale about two dumb teens getting pregnant after having sex and spending their lives together miserably... It's about the whole American country and their state in the 60's...

11 The Jean Genie: Because with a harmonica, Bowie made one of the most fascinating tributes to his friend, fellow superstar and idol Iggy Pop, celebrating his eccentricity, energy, and secret intellectualism, as well as his fascination with Marilyn Monroe.. or is it Cyrinda Foxe? We might never know...

10 Modern Love: Because nothing sounds more 80's than Bowie talking about modern love, yet, the themes of the song - longing, loneliness, skepticism, doubt, rebellion, faith without an institution and finding the sacred in the mundane – apply any kind of love, but the song’s power ultimately comes from the juxtaposition and synthesis of human and divine love.

09 Ashes to Ashes: Because the second part to the Major Tom Saga paints such a bleak and disturbing portrait of the first one, in perspective; having the Action Man, Tom, as a metaphor to Bowie's own relationship with drugs. 

08 Ziggy Stardust: Because not happy with only giving life to the entrancing rock & roll Frankenstein monster called Ziggy Stardust (made with equal parts Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Marc Bolan, Gene Vincent, Jimi Hendrix and the Japanese kabuki), Bowie also had to tell us how his story would develop, and how jealous his band, the Spiders from Mars would get at him, for being an arrogant dickhead...

07 Rock&Roll Suicide: Because Bowie merged Rock&Roll with Gospel music for Ziggy's Suicide, while asking his fans to give him his hands, while secretly, in the most Ziggy way possible, he knew that was the last time he'd perform with the Spiders of Mars, something not even the band knew at that time...

06 Life on Mars: Because Bowie handles the girl with the mousy hair, his fated heroin from a broken family, who ponders the nature of life, nation and world while watching a movie, as an epic tale of heart-wrenching proportions, as he masterfully sings his own version of "My Way". Is there life on Mars? Is there anything better than this life? There must be, there should be...

05 Space Oddity: Because Major Tom is an icon of popular culture, who has touched minds and souls everywhere. Because Bowie's first masterpiece will always make us feel insignificant in the presence of the universe, and maybe, we will decide to join Tom and abandon this world after having reached the ultimate illumination. Because it will always fill our spiritual emptiness while we listen to it. Because one day we will join Major Tom. 

04 5:15 Angels have gone: Because you didn't die Bowie, you just changed trains... 😢

03 My Death: Because you chose a cover and made it yours, and used it to exactly predict your farewell, at least 40 years earlier, in the most beautifully and haunting way possible.

02 Starman: Because you had to phone someone and you picked on me. Because when you put your arm over Mick Ronson, you changed the world for the best, and let a whole generation of young confused youths, that they were not alone, that they were not wrong. Because the Starman's gospel is still a promise we hold as faith in our hearts, and we still wait for him. 

01 Five years: Because you wrote the perfect waltz for the end of the world, and had me dancing with lady Luck and Father Death, because every time I sing the chorus at the top of my lungs, I can't help but tear up and understand you, as you say how something as brutal and violent as the Apocalypse, is just second place to finding that one person who completely understands you and loves you. And all the time you have with her is just not enough...

Thank you Bowie, for writing the soundtrack of my life.

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